Bolivia Asks for International Aid Due to Snowfalls

Potosi, Bolivia,  (Prensa Latina) Felix Gonzales, governor of Potosi region in this country, confirmed this Sunday a request for international humanitarian aid for thousands of victims, after the declaration of a disaster area because of heavy snowfall.

According to Gonzales, among the most needed aid are helicopters to carry food and medicine to about seven thousand people affected by the polar wave.

The first three emergency brigades carried food, supplies and medicines to San Pablo de Lipez, and Laguna Colorada Quetena where the snow fell more intensely, he said.

Also the municipalities of San Antonio de Esmoruco, San Pablo de Quemes, Tahua, Llica, San Augustine, Quetena, Colcha K and others are affected.

Gonzales reported that he instructed the formation of emergency brigades to enter the most affected areas.

On the other hand, Defense Minister Maria Cecilia Chacon said that about five tons of food, one ton of canned chicken, and salt were sent for some 1,400 families in north and south Lípez provinces.

She said that in coordination with Potosi authorities, medicines have been sent and the delivery of aid is being organized.

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