Venezuela Housing Census Takes Off

Caracas,  (Prensa Latina) A second housing census began with Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela in seven states in the western, central and Andean regions of Venezuela.

This second poll will report national housing demand and improve living standards in Aragua, Carabobo, Ycaracui, Lara, Merida, Tachira and Trujillo.

Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela is designed to ease the accumulated housing demand and solve the inherited shortage by 2017 with two million new houses and house-by-house registration will help confirm the data collected at the first round and establish priorities in the distribution of houses.

Some of the questions in the form are the number of residents and the state of the house, whether any inhabitant suffers physical and/or mental disability, the number of students and workers.

While the second census began, the data confirmation stage continues in the territories that pioneered the process in May: Caracas (Metropolitan area), Falcon, Miranda, Vargas and Zulia, where over 1.250 million families expressed the hope of getting for a decent home.

The government plans to build 153,000 houses this year, 200,000 in 2012 and keep up the pace to fulfill its seven-year project with 1,645 brigades consisting of 18,181 constructors, plumbers and electricians, among other trades, said Minister for Communes and Social Welfare Isis Ochoa.

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