Chavez Reasserts Will to Keep Integration Contribution

Caracas, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ratified his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff his will to keep his contribution to integration of the continent in all the aspects and spaces.

A note published this weekend by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said both Heads of State had a telephone conversation, in which Rouseff transmitted Chavez her affection and concern, and wishes for his quick recovery.

During the dialogue, Rousseff insisted on the importance of Chávez contribution to the political leadership of the Latin American region, encouraged him to face life with determination and keep his valuable contribution to progressive causes in Latin America.

Rousseff expressed confidence in the Venezuelan leaders strength and vigor, together with his recovery plan, shared personal aspects in the struggle against cancer and offered Chavez the experience of the Brazilian oncology specialists.

Chavez showed himself moved by the Brazilian President words and reasserted his resolution to take the recovery process with optimism and discipline, while he is still working in his functions as President of Venezuela and in contact with the Venezuelan people.

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