Paraguayan Government Recognizes Reduction of Land Occupation

Asuncion, (Prensa Latina) The Paraguayan government recognized Thursday that the number of occupied lands by farmers has been considerably reduced since 2008 in the entire country.

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo told reporters that when he took power in August 2008, there were 189 occupied lands, and now there are only 29, of which 13 are located in the countryside.

President Lugo considered there is a great difference and discounted what people wanted to present as a crisis in a zone called Ñacunday, a department in Alto Parana, 244.8 miles east of Asuncion, where farmer families occupied 29,652 acres of land and 500 families settled down several days ago, without any property titles.

The lands are now being exploited by tenant farmers of Brazilian origin .

President Lugo said his government is now working to solve the conflict according to the law.

Paraguayan Presidency Minister Miguel Lopez said the Executive is trying to solve the situation in Ñacunday as soon as possible, but the solution is in the hands of the Judicial Power.

Lopez said the Judicial Power has worked rapidly, but these procedures take time.

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