Chavez Visits Venezuelan Military Academy

Caracas ,  (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez visited this Thursday Military Academy Alejandro Petion in Caracas to greet and congratulate the cadets of that institution who were promoted last year and the freshmen .

During the visit, the President was accompanied by the Defense Minister, general in Chief Carlos Mata Figueroa; the Strategic Operational Commander, General Henry Rangel; and other members of the high command of that country.

The 1200 cadets paid tribute to the head of State and Commander in Chief of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

They welcomed the President’s visit and expressed their joy for his return to continue with the building of socialism and the revolutionary process in Venezuela.

Chavez talked about his illness and mentioned some of the hard times he had in Cuba. He talked about the second surgery that lasted more than six hours and the early days of his recovery.

Chavez talked also about his beginnings in that academy from where he began to understand the need for a change in the country and in the world.

“Forty years ago I was a brand-new cadet. Years have passed by and Venezuela keeps growing. Now, we are building a facility to double the capacity of the Academy, we are also working in the Academy of the Guard, because Venezuela will continue growing and we will be a power in our continent”.

Chavez is following his presidential agenda along with his strict recovery process after being operated twice last month.

Chavez returned to Venezuela on July 4, on the eve of the Bicentenary Anniversary of the Independence. He was welcomed by thousands of Venezuelans who showed him their support and solidarity.


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