Chavez invites to commemorate in 2021 consolidation of the new, Bolivarian, socialist Homeland

Caracas,  AVN .- “I invite you to start with a long walk toward June 24 2021 to commemorate, in 10 years, the 200 years of the ray of Carabobo, again the National Independence, the full consolidation of the new, Bolivarian and socialist Homeland. We are heading there, with God”s help.”

This way, the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez made a call to his people to continue with the battle to achieve a sovereign Homeland, during the commemoration, this July 5, of the Bicentennial of the Independence and making reference to the the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821, which sealed the liberation of Venezuela from the Spanish crown.

Chavez, due to his sick leave after the extraction of a cancerous tumor, inaugurated the civic-military parade in occasion of the Independence Day from the Miraflores Presidential Palace in simultaneous radio and TV broadcast.

“We shall live and overcome. This is the beginning of the return, not just Chavez”s, but of the sovereign Homeland, full independence, perpetual Homeland, Bolivar”s people, the construction of the greatest dream that has been born in this soil,” the President underscored.

“To my beloved people, to my beloved soldiers, to my beloved Homeland: Here I am, but still recovering. We have begun a long walk. Today, we start a new stretch of the great climbing toward the sovereign Homeland, fully independent, completely sovereign, fully developed, fully socialist, fully humanist,” he stated.

Moreover, Chavez urged people to strengthen the national unity. “As Bolivar would say: the national body as a whole, the national spirit as a whole, defeating separatisms, defeating conspiracies, defeating in one thousand battled those who try from inside or outside to weaken and knock down the Homeland and its independence. We must defeat them in peace, with joy, with beautifulness, in a sublime and splendorous way. We will do it.”

Chavez pointed out that the best way to celebrate this bicentennial is being aware that Venezuela is independent again. “We are not a colony of any empire anymore, and we will not be ever again. Thanks God, to our people and soldiers,” he added.

Venezuela”s President recalled the Liberator Simon Bolivar phrase stated in January 1830, when he said that the Independence was the main door to reconquer all the other goods for the Homeland and the people.

“Nowadays, 200 years later, we can say it: after we lost again that Independence that was so hard to achieve for Venezuela, in these last 10 years (…) we have recovered the Independence. Today, I say it on behalf of Bolivar, said recovered Independence is the door we must keep open to recover for years and decades all the rest of good s for the people: freedom, equality, happiness, good living, life, humane Homeland, sovereign Homeland.”


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