Bolivar’s birthplace is an emblematic museum of his life

Caracas,  AVN .- The house where Venezuelan Liberator Simon Bolivar was born is an emblematic museum of his life, expressed Culture Minister Pedro Calzadilla.

The Minister said the statement before beginning a visit through the house, which officially reopened its doors this Wednesday with restored spaces and collections in a first phase.

“The Homeland achieved 200 years and people are highly motivated in the streets and as part of this celebration, it is possible to reopen this house,” he said.

School guides of the Bolivarian Museum network, of the National Center of History, headed the visit through the house where Liberator Bolivar was born. They were followed by Minister Calzadilla, the network”s director Luis Galindo and part of the team in charge of restoring the place.

The network of Bolivarian Museums gathers a series of buildings which belonged to the Bolivar family and this home is one of its jewels.

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