President Hugo Chavez Returns to Venezuela

Caracas, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned at daybreak Monday to his country, where he will complete his recovery phase, after two emergency surgeries he underwent in Cuba.

Venezolana de Television state-owned channel broadcast footage of the statesman´s departure from Havana, where he was bid farewell by his Cuban peer Raul Castro, and his arrival to Venezuela.

“(Fidel Castro) and Raul Castro almost get in the plane, but the trip was perfect. To be in Havana and now in Caracas is to be in the homeland, that of Bolivar, Marti,” said Chavez after arriving in the Maiquetia´s International Airport.

In a telephone conversation with Venezolana de Television state-owned channel, Executive Vice President Elias Jaua stated that the president arrived in about two o´clock in the morning.

Jaua said the head of State asked to hold a meeting with the people that prayed for his return, so he will exchange in the afternoon with the Venezuelans at the Miraflores Palace.

“We are convening the people to meet with the president. His return is the beginning of future battles and victories,” the vice president stated.

Jaua said that after his arrival, Chavez met with some members of his cabinet, received information about the country, and held together the performance of the national soccer team, which tied 0-0 with Brazil at the Copa America (America Cup).

Chavez also reviewed issues of his agenda for this week, as he will carry out some activities while he fulfils with his recovering and medical treatment, Jaua also stated.

The Executive vice president said that after the statesman read the release from Cuban territory, in which he reported on his health condition, the days were very intensive in the labor level and from the human viewpoint

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