Brazil in Difficult Group in World League

Rio de Janeiro,  (Prensa Latina) The Brazilian male volleyball team’s head coach Bernardo Rezende (Bernardinho) said Monday the competing group for his team will be quite hard at the finals of the 2011 Volleyball World League.

Bernardinho said he called Group E “the group of death” in his Monday statements to the website of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) when he referred to his team’s inclusion in such a group.

Group E includes the teams of Russia, the US and Cuba together with Brazil, and will give only two places for the semifinals.

“It is a strong group, quite balanced, in which we repeat the last finals at the World Championship (against Cuba), the Olympic Games (against the US) and the 2010 World League (against Russia),” he said.

Brazil is the World Champion and the champ of the 2010 World League, and went to Poland Sunday to try to get their 10th World League champion title.

“The Cuban team lost some important players but they are still very good as a team. It is a team with a lot of strength, trying to intimidate their contenders with their physical appearance. The US is the team with the greatest technical capacity, it is a great contender for Brazil,” said the Brazilian head coach about the Cuban and US teams.

About Russia, Bernardinho highlighted its physical condition and height.

“Russia counts on very tall players, and the quality of their services and blocking ability, with many choices to change players,” said Rezende about the Russian team.

Group G will be comprised by the teams of Argentina, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland, in the Polish city of Gdansk, starting Wednesday.


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