NATO Accused of Attacking Libyan School

Tripoli,  (Prensa Latina) The Libyan government accused NATO on Saturday of attacking a technical school in the capital, resulting in an unspecified number of victims.

In a statement, NATO admitted to attacking targets near the capital last night, including army troops, and that it had stepped up bombings in the west.

A Libyan military spokesman said the school was occupied by students, technicians and engineers.

The rebel newspaper Quryna Jadida reported Saturday that rebel forces had been forced to retreat from the city of Bir al Ghanam after heaving fighting against forces loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi, confirmed previous reports by the official news agency Jana.

Since last Sunday, the rebels have unsuccessfully tried to take over Bir al Ghanam, hoping for NATO air support on the east coast and in western Libya.

The rebel retreat revealed the resistance of the pro-government forces in a war of more than three months, as the country is besieged by NATO missiles and warplanes and thousands of civilians have been killed.

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