Chavez Reports on his Health to Venezuelans

Caracas, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez sent a message to his people and international public opinion, reporting on his health condition.

Chavez read the message himself on Thursday evening, saying he was gradually progressing.

After arriving in Cuba as the last stop on a tour that included Brazil and Ecuador, Chavez intended not only to carry out a working agenda, but also to undergo tests for discomfort in his left knee from which he was recovering, he said.

During a conversation between Chavez and Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel asked him about his health problems and in face of Chavez’ response, decided to make available a medical team to carry out thorough tests.

Specialists diagnosed a pelvic abscess that led to surgery, and during recovery, they found previously undected cells showing the existence of a cancerous tumor.

Chavez said that the entire tumor was removed in surgery successfully without complications, and that he is now progressing satisfactorily and undergoing additional treatment to fight diverse types of cells found.

“Meanwhile, I have remained and remain informed and in charge of actions by the Bolivarian government, and in permanent communication with Vice President Elias Jaua,” Chavez stated.

The Venezuelan leader thanked the numerous example of solidarity received from his country, other peoples and heads of state worldwide, as well as Cuba, Fidel Castro, President Raul Castro and the Cuban medical system, which was placed at his disposition.

Chavez ended his message with the phrasem “Until my return!”

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