Over 900 Avensa ex-workers receive 100% of their labor liabilities

Caracas, 30 Jun. AVN .- This Thursday, the vice-president of Venezuela Elias Jaua presided over an act to pay labor liabilities to ex-workers of the airline Aerovias Venezolanas (Avensa), which conducted a mass redundancies plan in 1999 until it finally stopped operations in 2000.

All the 906 ex-workers received their full labor liabilities, amounting a total of $8,332.

The Transport and Communications minister Francisco Garces and the Social Security minister Maria Cristina Iglesias also attended the ceremony.

Avensa was a private airline. The State held a minority in the shares (20.2%). Survivensa among other subsidiaries belonged to the group owned by the Boulton family.

Whereas labor actions were already established, as well as private owners responsibilities, the Bolivarian Government ordered to pay the debts as an act of social justice to workers, some of them spent up to 30 years of seniority in the company.

It is worth noting that on Tuesday, the Bolivarian Government paid over 9,000 ex workers from the National Ports Institute, an organ liquidated 20 years ago, the debt inherited from previous governments.

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