Entrance of Venezuela in Mercosur to transform the bloc into energy power

Caracas, 30 Jun. AVN .- Venezuelan Energy and Oil minister Rafael Ramirez said this Wednesday, from Paraguay, that the entrance of his country in the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) would transform the bloc into an energy power.

In his speech at the XLI Mercosur Summit, Ramirez underscored that Venezuela”s incorporation into Mercosur is a mutual need.

Energy Minister highlighted Venezuela”s commitment to create a more balanced and wide Mercosur, absolutely respecting each nation”s sovereignty.

“As we have already said and we reiterate it in here, in this Summit: Venezuela holds and will hold trade, ties and confraternities on a basis of absolute respect to self-determination and sovereignty with any country Venezuela considers pertinent and above imperial pretensions or unilateral impositions,” the Minister detailed.

During the encounter, the president of Uruguay Jose Mujica reiterated the necessity of incorporating Venezuela into Mercosur and said Ecuador also should be part of it.

“Venezuela should join as soon as possible, because that is the way to overcome asymmetries. It is not Brazil”s fault to be so big and as it is not ours to big so small. We can fix it adding more actors. Growth will balance us,” he explained.

Mercosur is currently composed of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay as full members and Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia as associated members.

Venezuela is in progress to obtain full membership; nevertheless, in accordance to bloc”s regulations, parliaments of member countries have to approve the incorporation of new members. The positive vote of the Uruguayan Parliament in favor of Venezuela is the only step missing.

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