Controversy over New Flotilla with Aid to Gaza

Berlin, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) Amid debates, some 1,500 European peace activists are taking part in the new Freedom Flotilla, which is bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The objective of the action is to defy the Israeli blockade of Palestinian territory by supplying humanitarian aid to local authorities.

However, pressures from Israel and its allies to halt the flotilla have caused conflicts within organizations and progressive parties in some countries.

In Germany, members of the Left Party’s (Die Linke) right wing issued a resolution against any kind of anti-Semitism and against participation in the Freedom Flotilla.

In line with the controversial resolution, socialist deputy Katja Kipping criticized the Turkish humanitarian organization IHH, a member of the flotilla’s organizing committee, for promoting an anti-Semitic position by calling for the elimination of the Israeli State.

However, the president of the socialist party, Gregor Gysi, clarified in an interview for Neues Deutschland socialist daily that the party does not reject, in principle, the participation in the flotilla, but criticizes the lack of transparency over the organizers.


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