Dominican DLP Begins 2012 Presidential Campaign

Santo Domingo, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) The campaign of the Dominican Liberation Party (DLP) for the 2012 presidential election kicked off Tuesday after Danilo Medina was confirmed as its candidate.

The DLP National Electoral Commission confirmed Medina as the candidate on Monday night, after he won 87.18 percent of the vote cast in Sunday’s primary.

The final report showed 1,040,348 valid votes, 907,015 of them for Medina, followed by Jose Tomas Perez with 52,190 votes, for 5.02 percent.

Francisco Dominguez Brito took third place, with 44,967 votes, for 4.32 percent, and Radhames Segura won 36,176 votes, for 3.48 percent.

President Leonel Fernandez sent a message of congratulations to Medina and gave him his support.

Cesar Cedeño, campaign director for the main opposition party, the Dominican Revolutionary Party (DRP), said its candidate, former president Hipolito Mejia, would defeat the DLP and Medina, as he did in the year 2000.

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