Participate in a: IV Union Meeting ” Nuestra America” at Managua, Nicaragua- August 24 to September 3, 2011Please

US/Cuba Labor Exchange

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Join the U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange to participate in a: IV Union Meeting ” Nuestra America” at Managua, Nicaragua -Hundreds of unions within the region decided to invoke the Union Organization of our America. This is a political and union initiative with the objective of raising the level of struggle and unity of the worker movements of the continent, “Our America” Uniting America’s Working Class and Increasing its Influence Raising the level of struggle and Unity of the Worker Movements.  A Labor delegation to Managua, Nicaragua, from Wednesday August 24 to Saturday September 3, 2011 We will participate in IV Union Meeting ” Nuestra America”. Also, in Managua we will have a Nicaraguan Labor seminar, visit the ALBA projects : popular clinics, “educational missions. How the Nicaraguan people has benefited from the ALBA projects, The price of the trip will include: round trip International airfare (from Fort Lauderdale, Florida; to Managua, Nicaragua), hotel (double occupancy), breakfast, Dinner, internal transportation to and from the program, translation, and the program.* The price of $1,550 is good until the end of May, The price may increase for any application made after that date.

A group of trade unionists and workers are exercising their constitutional right to travel to Managua, Nicaragua, to gather educational information and to have an exchange of ideas with other workers of the world. These rights are guaranteed by the US Constitution and by the International Human Rights declaration of the United Nations.

All questions MUST be completed. PLEASE PRINT neatly and/or type. The original application must be submitted, with a copy of your passport attached and $300 d deposit made payable to the Labor Exchange. All information will be kept confidential

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US/Cuba Labor Exchange

P.O. Box 39188

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Phone/Fax:(313) 318 5159

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Meeting of Workers Organizations

1. Declaration of Principles

I. An important and never enough number of workers from our America are creating together a space for debate, reflection and coordination in order to contribute to union of action, solidarity and struggle of all our class.

II. We do not ask from where they are coming. We want – together – to direct to where our class and peoples are going to. We want to contribute with our struggle, to the urgent and necessary social justice related to the definitive freedom of our America.

III. For this struggle are called all strugglers and trade union and social organizations based in the working class that defend the class interests, do not mind their international affiliation.

IV. This space has not an executive direction with distribution of positions, but a coordinator worker group renewable in each meeting, having the ampler and more representative possible struggle path.

V. We embrace the common interests of our class, all forms of struggle and we propose an effort to reach the necessary unit of action of all organizations, without competition among them. We are internationalist ones.

VI. We come from the core of our history; recalling the rebellion of our liberators, we joint the experience of thousand of struggles of workers, students, retirees, women, Indians, black people and peasants everywhere and every time in our America. We believe in the socialism as the system for the human development.

VII. For this reason, in front of the permanent attack of imperialism and in the middle of several crises of capitalism we rescue the increase of the class struggle that generates the highest political conscience, enabling the existence of actual revolutionary process and left governments in our region.

VIII. We can, have to and want to take part of the historical construction for the transformation of our America, which necessarily pass by the economical, political and social integration of the peoples of region.

IX. The defense of democracy, auto-determination of the Latin American peoples and active participation on the social transformation process that our continent are living in.


Caracas, April 29, 2010.


Uniting America’s Working Class and Increasing its Influence

Raising the level of struggle and Unity of the Worker Movements

1.- Latin America is embarking on a rich and promising

political transition, marked by the ascension of progressive and

anti-imperialist forces against the governments of many countries. They

are contesting the imperialism of the United States of America; they

are cultivating both democracy and repeated neoliberal electoral

losses. We are living, therefore, in a situation favorable to the

struggle of the working class, the union movement, and those in favor

of sovereignty and social transformations. This is a very different

environment from the hostile one that was prevalent during the 90s (in

the past century), in which hegemony and neoliberal politics were ideal

after the defeat of socialism in Europe. This constrained the left and the

union movement, and required them to be on the defensive.

2.- In a sense, this political scenario can be considered the

antithesis of what existed before. ALCA’s recolonization project,

which was launched in the Conference of the Americas in Miami in 1994,

was “stopped”; the imperialists could not impose t

heir project on the entire continent and had to change their tactics

concerning the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. In contrast, the

countries that rejected ALCA bet on the growth and prosperity of

MERCOSUR and proposed the creation of the South American United

Nations (UNASUR). The decision that was most relevant in terms of

integration is the emergence of ALBA and the TCP, which help the

government and the people relate to one another, and are based on

solidarity, cooperation, and complementation. these social movements

breathe more freely and conquer a lot of territory and

preponderance in the political struggle. Such movements, however, are

not supported by Colombia and Peru, which are led by puppet governments

who serve Yankee imperialists.

3.- Regardless, it is necessary to say that this process of change is

not quite definitive; it is a little uncertain. The right has not

suffered a definitive loss. Imperialism has not yet been put to rest

despite such political (and military, in the case of Iraq and

Afghanistan) events, the imminent failure of the dollar, and the crisis

and depression in the North American economy.

4.- Recent events, like the violation of Ecuadorian territory by

Colombia and the separatist efforts in Bolivia, among other things,

indicate that the reactionary forces look to create conditions to

launch an offensive front against the class struggle in the entire

region. Neoliberalism has not been abolished; it monopolizes the main

mediums of communication and exercises powerful influence over the

economy. The philosophy that is the origin of the proposal of ALCA has

been continually implemented through “free trade agreements” (such as

the European Union), of the privatizations, liberalization of change,

and inversion flows, among other things. The possibility of regression

has not disappeared. By losing political ground, American imperialism

is formenting the arms race and creating provocations of all sorts with

the objective of improving upon the military and multiplying conflicts

between the nations in the region.

5.- War is an instrument used by the imperialists to solve or attenuate

their economic crises; it is clear that the United States is looking

for a pretext in America to initiate it and, in doing so, erase all of

the progress made up until this point. We workers must be alert in

order to escape any intent of aggression against our emancipatory


6.- In such circumstances, we must accentuate the responsibilities of

the union movement. We must impose the desire and need to amplify the

mobilization and conscientiousness of the working people to struggle alongside other progressive

forces, for two intertwining objectives: defeating reactionary

neoliberalism and inciting transforming actions. By concentrating its

energy on such actions, the union movement can overcome its obstacles,

regain strength, amplify its mobilization capacity, and contribute (in

a decisive manner) to the concrete affirmation of the centralization of

the workplace and the elevation of the leadership of the working class in the

political destiny of the Latin American nations.

7.- Following this path is not as easy as it appears on sight; it will

require much determination and initiative as well as conscientiousness

and working class spirit. The union movement was hit hard by

neoliberalism and the so-called productive reconstruction in most of

the world was debilitated by rising unemployment and increasing

informality/precarity in worker-employer relations as well as the

diminishment of the socialist perspective after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

8.- The working class is also resentful of the offensive imposed by

capital; it finds itself more fragmented, divided, and vulnerable to

the ideals of the capitalist business, which are operated through

different means, mainly with the backing of those who promote the

collaboration and conciliation of classes. The paradigms of competition

and individualism were strongly promoted and created roots,

harming the spirit of class solidarity and fermenting division and conformism. This

constitutes a difficult situation, objective and subjective all at once, which the union

movement must confront and defeat.

9.- The struggle on an ideological level, for the conquest of the

hearts and minds of the working class and the elevation of social

conscience, has achieved noble goals. They have worked to destroy the

deplorable role that the media has played in winning the war on ideas

in favor of the imperialist and neoliberal order dictated by the

United States, disseminate lies, and promoting a true mediatic

terrorist with the intent on defaming and discrediting the progressive

forces and ideas of change. The battle for the democratization of the

media is progressing day by day and the union movement cannot be aloof

to this struggle.

10.- The demands around which the integrational processes in the

region are centered around, which are marked by the new conditions

created by the governments and the struggles which are opposed to

American unilateralism, demand a better political and ideological

comprehension. This is because it is necessary to count on the social

factor more and more each day in the entire integrational struggle.

11.- Dozens of unions within the region decided to invoke the Union

Organization of our America. This is a political and union initiative

with the objective of raising the level of struggle and unity of the

worker movements of the continent,

especially Latin America and the

Caribbean, by conquering ground in terms of ideas, culture, and

political/social matters. We are convinced that the first step to achieving this

objective of elevating the protagonist of the working class in the

political struggle throughout Latin America should be attempting to

unify not only the union movement, but all of the social movements as a

whole; elaborating platforms and agendas of mobilization and common

struggle in the environment of each nation and on a more ample

regional plan.

12.-We propose the construction of a political space where workers of

all Latin American nations can debate topics relevant to the time

period and viable conjoined actions against the imperialist, neoliberal

order and in defense of th e interests of the majority of the people

that l ive in the region. We understand that it is necessary to create

a worker movement organization that is not restricted to a union

setting. The union movement must have leadership guaranteed by the

organization and join other political and social sectors with the

purpose of advancing in the political, econom

ic, and social struggles

and in revolutionary processes. Today, numerous networks and campaigns

are struggling to resist and confront the diverse actions of neoliberal

policies in which the workers, in general, play quite a limited role

when in reality they should be playing a much more active role.

13.- We are defending a common space for unilateral action and

articulation, of an inclusive nature, with social actors with interests

common to those of the working class. We desire unity of action,

the construction of one sole platform, the politization of the

social movements face to face with the defiances that emerge in Latin

America and provoke the social movement, directed toward the

emancipation of the working class as well as other exploited and

excluded sectors of society.

14.- Unity will take place i n the struggle to defend the working class

and the popular sectors against neoliberal imperialism and

globalization, which allows

mass unemployment, decrease in salary, discrimination increase, and

flexibility/diminishment of rights. In response to neoliberal

globalization, we will chart the pathway for the globalization of

struggles, integration, and working class unity in Latin America. This

is in order to act forcefully and obtain a more progressive social

character for the integration of the nations in the regi on.

15.- The reaction of the neoliberal right wing and the imperialists to

these changes stimulates the class struggle in defense of popular

interests and national sovereignty. One must acknowledge active


lidarity with revolutionary and progressive governments, who have

been blindsided with a forceful offensive by the United States through

various types of provocations, distorted lies by the capitalist media

and various initiatives with the objective of destabilization. We must

observe the historic resistance of Cuba, the daring of the Bolivarian

revolution, the brave determination of Ecuador and Bolivia, and how

they have confronted the right and persisted progressively. Brazil,

with a democratic and progressive government, has contributed to

altering the correlation of forces in the region. Latin American

unions, in a mple alliance with the social movements and other forces,

cannot waver in defending the conquests and the democratic,

progressive, and revolutionary governments.

16. – Neoliberalism has been an extraordi nary regression in terms of

social relations; it has helped to significantly increase exploitation

in the w ork force. Those most discriminated include: women, African

Americans, immigrants, Native Americans, and youth. It is necessary to

struggle to get the people to fight privatization, to obtain salary

increases, to help isolated sectors of society, to fight precarity in

contracts, discrimination, flexibility of rights, reduce work hours,

and obtain more rights for workers. At this point in time, it is

necessary to stru ggle for these goals in these nations, to obtain more

spending on public and social needs; doing so will provide for better

ammunition against isolation and extreme poverty.

17.- We are convinced that Lat

in American history, throughout which the

struggle between oppressive imperialism and the light of a socialist

and sovereign future has gained clarity, will depend on the leadership

of the working class in the great political struggles that are already

taking place. Unions together with social progress will play an

important role in our common destiny – that is, if they can overcome

economic issues and raise the level of their mobilization and struggles

on the political plane.

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