Mexico: Zetas Leader Captured

Mexico, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) The Federal Police captured Albert González Peña or Franco Bueno Peña, known as El Tigre, alleged leader of the criminal gang Los Zetas in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

El Tigre, 43 years old, is involved in drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion, according to intelligence reports from the police.

His capture took place in the suburb Las Animas, in Veracruz.

In a statement from the Federal Police, it was stated that the detainee controlled drug trafficking in the north and center of the country, within the operating area of the State of Mexico and Veracruz.

A few days ago, another blow to the criminal organization Los Zetas was the capture of Edgar Huerta Montiel, El Wache or El Guache, who was the boss at the municipality of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, on the border with the United States.

El Guache, 22, was involved in the slaughter of 72 migrants last year, among many other crimes. He is called el verdugo de San Fernando, (the tyrant of San Fernando).

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