Agricultural, Livestock Law in Bolivia Defines Strategic Products

La Paz, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) A law called Productive, Community and Agricultural Revolution that could be enacted on Sunday defines corn, rice and potato as strategic products, assured yesterday a government source.

The Vice Minister of Rural, development Victor Hugo Vazquez, said that vegetables, fodder, poultry farming, sugar cane, quinua and sorghum are prioritized items in the law.

The initiative is targeted to provide food security and sovereignty in the South American country through dynamic economic investment and incentives that will allow the transformation of agricultural and forest products.

The law also envisages that all the government levels should increase the warehousing of strategic products in order to guarantee appropriate distribution to the internal markets.

It also forces the state to protect biodiversity as a form of sustenance of life systems and their natural processes, bans entry to the country of agricultural technological packages that include seeds genetically modified of species that originate in Bolivia.

Vazquez confirmed that the enactment of this law on Sunday will pay tribute to organizations of farmers and indigenous peoples, and that it will benefit the living conditions of farmers.

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