Cuba Saves Over 16,000 tons of Oil by Mid 2011

Havana, Jun 25 (Prensa Latina) The Office for the Rational Use of Energy announced that a total of 35,383 megawatts/hour were saved in the country from January to May, meaning a decrease by 16,088 tons of oil consumption.

Office’s director Tatiana Amaran Bogachova told Granma newspaper that among the factors leading to the decrease in energy consumption was the improvement of the work of Energy Councils, groups created in 2009 to oversee the fulfillment of energy saving plans in the business sector.

Bogachova explained that actions in many enterprises and institutions to reduce power consumption have included resolving organizational problems and making small investments.

Another action bearing fruit in this regard is the increase of electricity charges for clients consuming more than 300 kilowatts/hour in the residential sector, which takes up more than 50 percent of the energy generated in the country.

Bogachova urged the business, private and residential sectors to strengthen saving measures during the summer months, and noted that four Cuban provinces exceeded the consumption plans, as well as, government administrative bodies like the Ministries of Agriculture and Public Health.

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