Mission Housing Venezuela quartets to be deployed next week

Caracas, 24 Jun. AVN .- The vice-president of the Economic-Productive Area Ricardo Menendez informed this Thursday that by the end of next week the quartets belonging to the Grand Mission Housing Venezuela will be visiting the homes of the people registered in the first five states where the program was launched: Capital District, Miranda, Vargas, Falcon and Zulia.

The teams properly identified with Grand Mission Housing Venezuela T-shirts and credentials will hold house-by-house visits to verify the data collected during the first stage of registration.

Menendez explained that the verification process will be also divided into stages. First, the process will be conducted in the capital of each state and then the quartets will be deployed in the main points of each municipality, included within the registry.

“If everything works as we expect and as it is going, by the end of the next week we will be deployed by all the parishes [in said five states],” he said.

The deployment phase began on Monday. Two thousand quartets were deployed in 31 sectors of the five states to gather all the necessary information of 68,000 families registered in the Grand Mission Vivienda Venezuela.

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