El Salvador: Corn Seeds for National Production

San Salvador, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) The Salvadoran government announced Thursday that the country will produce all the corn seeds for the national crops starting next year, since this is a basic grain in the national diet.

Guillermo Lopez, Salvadoran Minister of Agriculture and Cattle Breeding, stated that the nation will stop importing the seeds from foreign enterprises, as has been occurring up to now.

Lopez recalled that this year the local authorities wanted to acquire 40 percent of the seeds from small and middle producers, with the intention to achieve 100 percent in 2014, but this objective will be reached in 2011.

He said that having local seeds with a good quality is an important step to guarantee food security.

Lopez said the setback of the rains did not affect the plantations started in May, so the situation in the fields is normal.

The government calculates that with the Family Agriculture Plan, by means of which 325,000 small producers received new seeds, fertilizers and advice, national production will grow 25 percent this year.

Lopez said the authorities will keep on supporting the producers with measures including low interest rates from state banks, to restore production, destroyed by former local governments’ neglect.

Corn flour is basic for making tortillas and pupusas, the national dishes.

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