Defense Minister highlights recovery of President Chavez

Caracas, 24 Jun. AVN .- “He is in good condition and getting better,” said the Defense minister Carlos Mata Figueroa when asked about the health of president Chavez.

Mata Figueroa said that he talks everyday with the president and “he is stronger than ever.”

The Governor of Barinas state, Chavez”s brother, Adan Chavez said that the President would be back in the country in 10-12 days, which was reiterated by the Defense Minister.

Currently, Chavez is in Cuba recovering from a pelvic abscess surgery that had to be done in said Caribbean island during a work visit held by the Venezuelan president two weeks ago.

“We just want him to take his time to recover well, to get better from his surgery so he can be back soon, because we need him,” Figueroa added.

Furthermore, the Defense Minister pointed out that the head of State is giving orders to the vice-president Elias Jaua regarding the situation taking place in the prison El Rodeo II.

Mata Figueroa also explained that he is constantly giving reports about the situation within the Armed Forces and about the evaluation on military promotions which are done every year in these months.

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