Chavez’s followers in Twitter messaged him to show their support

Caracas, 24 Jun. AVN .- After the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez congratulated, by means of his Twitter account @chavezcandanga, the Bolivarian Armed Forces for its 190th anniversary, his followers expressed him once again their support.

The Venezuelan head of State went under a surgery operation due to a pelvic abscess that was detected in Cuba during an official visit at the beginning of the month.

The messages have been written from all around the country.

This Friday early morning, Chavez wrote in his account: “Good morning followers! Today is the day of my Army and the sun is shinning! A huge hug to my beloved soldiers and people!”

Then, he added: “You know the Battle of Carabobo has not finished yet! It is an everyday battle. I send you from my bunker then, the Homeland chant: Gloria Al Bravo Pueblo!” [Venezuela”s anthem]

Afterwards, he congratulated Major General Euclides Campos Aponte, the High-Military Command and the entire Armed Forces.

“I am with you from here in the hard daily journey! Towards victory always! We are overcoming! And we shall overcome!!” Chavez wrote.


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