Uruguay to Increase Pensions to More than 62,000 People

Montevideo, June 23 (Prensa Latina) Uruguayan social security will implement changes from July 1st, including a 14-percent increase in the lowest pensions and retirement payments, an official source reported.

The current pension is 3,895 pesos that are equivalent to 210 USD, and as of July, these sectors will receive 4,425 pesos (240 USD), said Ernesto Murro, who is the president of the Social Security Bank (BPS).

In statements to the local press, Murro acknowledged the inadequacy of the amount, but he said the government will increase the figure during the current term of office, which ends in 2015.

Murro said that since 2007 the minimum retirement balance doubled its value, and the number of beneficiaries increased by 10 in the last five years.

Starting next month, a new period for the National Integrated Health System (SNIS) begins with the addition of 121,000 people, Murro said.

Murro said that this group includes people who retired due to a disability and spouses and common-law partners with more than three children under their responsibility.

The purpose of SNIS is to benefit more than 754,000 people by 2016, Murro added.


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