Chilean Govt. Social Network Monitoring Questioned

Santiago, Chile, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Parliamentarians, the Journalists´ Association, and Twitters and Facebook users questioned the Chilean government decision of controlling opinions expressed through social networks.

Legislators from opposition party Por la Democracia (For Democracy), Jaime Quintana and Ramon Farias, criticized the on-line monitoring by the General Secretariat of Government.

Deputy Farias considered that the Executive does not need to hire a company (Brandimetrick) and spend millions of pesos to know what people think and geographically locate those who make the comments, in violation of the people´s right to privacy.

In the wake of strong criticism, Nicole Forttes, who is the on-line communication chief of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Government, said that the measure is aimed at knowing the people´s opinions through the social networks.

Spokeswoman for the Chilean presidency Ena Von Baer said recently that it is very important to know the people´s opinions in relation to different topics, so that the government can be sensitive to the important issues for the society.

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