Syria: President Wants to End Conspiracy, Proposes Dialogue

Damascus, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) President Bashar Al-Assad promised on Monday to eliminate what he described as the seeds of conspiracy against Syria, and called for a national dialogue.

“We want political solutions, we want to restore a normal way of life, and for the army and security forces to return to their barracks,” the president said Monday in his third speech to the nation since mass protests broke out on March 15.

Speaking at Damascus University Auditorium, Al-Assad said he had created a national dialogue authority, comprised of 100 people and himself, to chart the future that will be built in Syria and reforms that satisfy different social sectors.

This new authority will be charged with creating a reform plan, and a new Constitution would be “gradually” written, Al-Assad said.

However, it will be impossible to implement reforms amid ongoing criminal activities by “vandals,” the president said, urging Syrians who fled to Turkey and other neighboring territories to return home.

The statesman, who a few months ago had introduced measures such as the abolition of the state of emergency, in effect since 1963; the restructuring of his cabinet and the liberation of political prisoners, said he regretted that “innocent blood is being shed” in this Arab nation.

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