Parlatino Promotes LatAm, Caribbean Unity

Caracas, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) In order to promote subregional integration, the Venezuela Group of Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) announced Monday several activities to mark the bicentennial of the national declaration of independence.

The events will coincide with the establishment of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean (ECLAC), called to consolidate the process of unity promoted by the governments of the area.

President and vice President of Parlatino Venezuela, Rodrigo Cabezas and Ana Elisa Osorio, respectively, said in a press conference that festivities will begin on June 22 to commemorate the Day of the Latin American and Caribbean Unity.

A Special Session of the legislative body to mark the anniversary 185 of the Congress of Panama, convened by Simon Bolivar, will be held Wednesday, Cabezas said.

Also on Wednesday, representatives of Bolivia, Panama, Nicaragua, Argentina, Cuba and Chile will show their typical dance and music around the headquarters of the National Assembly.

On Jun 28-29, an International Youth Meeting for Latin American and Caribbean integration will be held at Caracas-based Hotel Alba with the attendance of all states of the region, including a delegation from Puerto Rico.

Next July’s agenda includes a meeting of the Board of Parlatino, which will take place July 2.


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