Families of inmates to inspect intervened prison center

Caracas, 20 Jun. AVN .- A permanent commission made by 10 relatives of inmates who were at El Rodeo I, in the town of Guarenas, east of Caracas capital city, will participate on the inspections and reconditioning works carried out in the prison center, informed Interior Relations and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami.

After a meeting he held with families of inmates at the prison complex, which has intervened since last Friday to restore its internal order, El Aissami expressed that the encounter was useful to calm down these relatives in the face of media manipulation.

“We have inform them what we have done to guarantee the life of inmates and their rights,” he said.

The Minister said that during the meeting, the spokespeople raised proposals to construct a prison system more decent and human, a goal shared by the National Government.

The 10 spokespeople who make up the commission will accompany Venezuelan authorities on the inspections and evaluations which will be conducted over 2,500 inmates who were relocated this Sunday.

Similarly, El Aissami informed that the recently created commission would go, together with the Ombudswoman Gabriela Ramirez, down to the main courtyard of the prison to verify the health condition of 951 prisoners who still remain at El Rodeo I.

“This is for you to see and get acquainted with the effort we have made, as well as the transparency and the way we have worked to protect the life of inmates.”

Mariangela Diaz, member of the commission of families, informed that since next Monday Jun. 20 they will begin, together with authorities, visiting the centers where inmates where relocated.

“We will go to confirm what authorities said, that there is just one dead person. For it, we will visit all prison centers. We will go in helicopter,” she said.

The accord, explained Diaz, also includes that authorities hand in a list with the names of all inmates and their destination, in order to make the inspection easier for families.


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