Chavez’s popularity evidences success of social policies

Caracas, 20 Jun. AVN .- Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel expressed this Sunday that after 12 years of government, “the popularity of President Hugo Chavez does not drop from 60 percent,” different to conservative administrations such as Chile”s Sebastian Piñera, who in one year of administration has 56 percent of contempt.

Piñera “has just one year in government and the latest poll showed that the contempt to his administration went from 49% to 56%, while the support dropped from 41% to 36%,” said Rangel during his Sunday television program.

“The hopes built in the region with a rightist government begins to fade away,” said the journalist with regard to statements said by deputies who support the Piñera Administration. These lawgivers had said that “in two years when elections take place, we will lose.”

In this connection, Rangel estimated that a experience like that confirms the good choice of the popular and social policies implemented by President Chavez.

The journalist reviewed the latest poll conducted by the company GISXXI in Venezuela which -after 1,500 interviews nationwide during the month of May- showed that 53.3% of those polled branded President Chavez”s work as very good; 24.1% as regular; 21.5% as bad; and 1% did not answer.

The poll also showed that 56.3% of those polled trust that the National Government will meet the compromise of constructing homes to overcome the historic deficit in the country. While 56.7% believes that the political situation will improve in one year.

Meanwhile, the interviews showed that 47.2% of those polled estimate that the economic situation in the country will be better next year, faced to 29.7% who have negative expectations.

Different to the positive mask given to Chavez and his Administration, 47.1% of those polled affirmed that the performance of the opposing party in the country has been bad. Just 19.3% said it has been “very good.”


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