Grand Housing Mission Venezuela moves to information assemblies

Caracas,  AVN .- Since Saturday Jun. 18 begins the second phase of the social program Grand Housing Mission Venezuela, a social program announced on April 30 aimed at constructing two million homes between 2011 and 2017.

People who enrolled in the National Housing Registry -process aimed at defining the size and location of the home needed- shall take part in such information assemblies, which will take part since next Saturday in every community where the registry was implemented.

Heads of family will be acquainted with the methodology of upcoming actions, including these meetings and visits home by home to check the data received during the registry.

The goal of these assemblies -which will last two months- is organizing the population to define the strategies aimed at solving the housing problem in the country.

Two weeks ago, when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the beginning of this new phase of the Grand Housing Mission, he said that the housing deficit shall be solved in collective.

“I invite you not to see this as an individual issue. This is a collective problem which will allow us to solve individual problems, but from a collective point of view. I ask you to gather in communities and assemblies of living-Venezuelans, for people to appoint their own spokespeople. This is a collective problem and it should have a collective solution, of course with a family and individual impact,” said President Chavez in that opportunity.

Venezuelan Minister of Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries, Ricardo Menendez, expressed last Wednesday in a television program that these information assemblies will take place in significant areas of each community.

Home by home

Since next week, there will begin the visits home by home to check the information given by the families who enrolled in the registry.

A total 8,000 people will devote to this task, among members of the Grand Mission, the militia and spokespeople of social movements, said Minister Menendez.

They will have high technology devices with the whole information given by families, including their fingerprints,in order to confirm the data in situ, said meanwhile Communes Minister Isis Ochoa.

These brigades shall review the social indicators of each families to give priority to the most urgent cases, joining people”s powers in the different phases of the Mission.

After this phase, families shall receive their lands and homes, as said President Chavez last June 04.

Simultaneously, it is being analyzed and organized the data collected during the registry.

Almos a million and a half families enrolled in the National Housing Registry, which is one of the five phases of the Grand Housing Mission Venezuela. It began on May 07 and concluded on June 05 in states Vargas, Miranda, Falcon, Zulia and the Capital District.

Next July 09 will be activated the second phase of the Registry in the Andean region and central west states. It will last a month to then begin a phase of analysis. Finally, in September would begin the third and final registry in the plains and eastern states.


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