Fernando Lugo Ratifies Change Commitment in Paraguay

Asuncion, (Prensa Latina) Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo on Friday ratified his commitment that nothing will alter the process of change started in 2008, and guaranteed its speed-up, and greater depth.

In a speech at the swearing-in ceremonies of the new ministers of Interior, Defense, and Public Works, and Communications, the president said that process of change has stages, which are moving forward with significant achievements for the people and well-being of the community, and they should be preserved, channelled, and deepened.

In this sense, Lugo reaffirmed his high responsibility as head of State of establishing a cabinet in order to implement the goals of his government program.

The president said that his government team has a clear, specific, and exclusive dedication mission to the own tasks of its ministries.

Lugo said he has no doubt of the importance of the political debate and creation of plans, since everyone has the right to make them for the big electoral challenges in forthcoming elections.

However, he said he was certain that the political parties, social sectors, and the population were the right sectors for that debate.

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