National Citizen Safety Summit in Bolivia

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) The first National Citizen”s Safety Summit, convened to prevent delinquency and fight organized crime, ends Friday.

One of the objectives of the two-day event is to design a national policy to fight crime through regional initiatives.

In opening remarks at the summit yesterday, President Evo Morales called for fighting poverty and excessive consumerism as part of society’s responsibilities.

He insisted on the need to confront these problems with the participation of the family, schools, and citizens in general, because those problems inherited from neoliberalism lead to insecurity, violence, and poverty.

Morales refered to the implementation of a profound structural reform of the national police to fight corruption.

Other measures include the approval of a weapons law to prevent unrestricted gun sales, and an appeal to the mass media to join in the crusade against crime and alcoholism.

Morales convened the summit after Santa Cruz Governor Ruben Costas was injured when trying to prevent a robbery.


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