Hemingway is Still Alive in Cuba, Jenny Phillips Says

Havana, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) U.S. intellectual Jenny Phillips, co-chair of the Boston-based Finca Vigia Foundation, said in Havana that the legacy of novelist Ernest Hemingway is still alive in Cuba, unlike in her own country.

* Ernest Hemingway Colloquium Opened in Cuba

“Americans know about Hemingway through his books, or libraries and museums that commemorate him, but throughout this island, there is a real oral tradition about his life. He is alive in the Cuban landscape, and this has been exciting for me,” Phillips said.

Phillips is the granddaughter of Maxwell Perkins, Hemingway’s editor, and she and her husband Frank are among the experts from seven countries attending the 13th edition of an international colloquium on the Nobel-winning author of “A Farewell to Arms.”

According to Phillips, this event has been important for her since her first trip to Havana in 2001.

“I discovered here that to understand Hemingway, you have to come to Cuba. He had a life on this island,” she commented.

Since her first visit, Phillips has carried out important work as head of the Finca Vigia Foundation to raise money for the house-museum in Cuba where Hemingway lived for over 20 years.

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