Paraguay: State Transformation, a Challenge for LatAm

Asuncion, Jun 16 (Prensa Latina) State transformation is a main challenge for Latin America nowadays, said Ibero American General Secretary Enrique Iglesias at the opening session of a seminar on the issue.

The meeting is attended by representatives of Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal, as well as experts from international bodies, who are discussing the topic of the 21st Ibero American Summit of heads of State and Government: State Transformation and Development.

Iglesias wondered what kind of State we want in the region to face current national, regional and world events.

He considered that the topic chosen by Paraguay is important and thorny, but also challenging because of its own controversial nature, with its lack of definition and many differing stands.

He said that as we are “at the center of the storm,” we canâ�Öt realize the dimension of ongoing changes.

“We are heading for a world, where we will have a new world economy, a new world and national society, and a new system of international relations,” said Iglesias.

Ibero-American national coordinator Bernardino Hugo Saguieer said this is the best moment to advance in the transformation of the State and the search for development to provide better living conditions to most people affected by poverty, inequality and insecurity.

He termed indispensable a transformation of the State leading to development, generating respect and confidence towards State institutions.

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