Young Chileans Protest outside the Ministry of Education

Santiago, Chile,  (Prensa Latina) Chilean police arrested about thirty university students protesting outside the Ministry of Education in this capital, in the midst of radical protests against education for profit.

Police arrested about 35 students from public and private universities, who read a statements in defense of public education and demanded universal free access to universities.

We are not minorities or violent as the government wants to present us, they said.

We are thousands of university and secondary students mobilized throughout the country, occupying the universities, schools and streets to say that education is a social right to which everyone should have free access, they stressed.

On Monday, about 20 university students also began a march from the city of Valparaiso to Santiago, about 120 Km (75 miles). Representatives of academic institutions in different cities of Chile department are taking part in this demonstration.

This long walk reflects the unity and strength of the student movement for change in the political background of the current system, in the absence of a real solution to the problems we have as regional state universities, said the youth in a statement.

We believe the state has transferred the important role of education to private hands and this has created large differences in Chile, added students.

In the context of the demonstrations, more than a hundred colleges and institutes of secondary education were taken and went on strike Monday.

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