Puerto Ricans Denounce US Colonialism

By Deisy Francis Mexidor

Havana,  (Prensa Latina) The US Government is the main responsible for colonial rule for 113 years in Puerto Rico, said head of the Puerto Rican Mission in Cuba, Edwin Gonzalez.

* Anti-Colonial Protests Mark Obama Puerto Rico Visit

Behind the condition of Free Associated State lies a history of oppression against my country, Gonzalez told Prensa Latina in the wake of US current President Barack Obama´s visit to his country.

Gonzalez said that in the salutation words in the air base where the US president was welcomed, “there was more of the same; he was pretty ambiguous. He cannot be judge in a matter when his government is the main problem.”

“Though they try to hide our reality, the president was forced to speak about national symbols because we are a nation and this is an ever growing feeling in Puerto Rico,” he said.

Gonzalez also highlighted the protests prior and during Obama´s visit, with several arrests of demonstrators in the last 24 hours.

Obama arrived to Muniz air base from Miami at noon today for a five-hour visit, the first by a US president in the last 50 years.

“But he is keeping a campaign promise, said Gonzalez, who noted, though, that nearly four million Puerto Ricans fail to vote in US presidential elections.”

Gonzalez stressed that the status of Free Associated State was imposed on my country in 1952, but they actually had denied us the possibility of independence since 1898.”

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