Nicaragua: Calls for Reforming Adolescence Code Continues

Managua,  (Prensa Latina) Students from all universities of the capital will take to the streets Wednesday for a “March of the Candles,” called to press Parliament to reform the Law on Childhood and Adolescence.

The march is organized by the Nicaraguan National Student Union and is one of many actions undertaken by the students in the capital to reform the law, in force since 1998, and to call for improved safety on and around college campuses.

On May 13, 20-year-old student Evans Omar Ponce was killed near the National Engineering University by six teen-agers when he refused to give them his cell phone.

Since then, college students have been protesting the lack of safety on college campuses and demanding harsher penalties for juveniles who commit serious crimes.

The impact of the protests has been such that the matter has come to Parliament, the Supreme Court and other institutions and organizations in the country.

A consensus appears to exist among local political circles on a possible reform of the law, but the differences lie in whether it is sufficient to increase the penalties or if everything could be resolved by prioritizing prevention and reeducation.

However, initiatives to combine penalties and prevention are emerging.

Telemaco Talavera, president of the National Board of Universities, said Monday that he supported effots to combine harsher punishment and rehabilitation for juvenile delinquents.

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