Evo Morales Affirms Commitment to Bolivian People

La Paz, (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales on Tuesday highlighted his commitment to the Bolivian people and to historically marginalized sectors as the driving force of the current process of change.

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During the swearing-in ceremony of former Minister of Autonomy Carlos Romero as the new Minister of the Presidency, Morales asserted that the strength of the National Liberation Movement and Democratic and Cultural Revolution begun in 2006 is policies that benefit the neediest people.

Romero will replace Oscar Coca, who asked to temporarily leave the cabinet for personal reasons.

Morales also appointed Claudia Peña as Minister of Autonomy and Decentralization.

Morales noted that his experience as a labor leader showed that when leaders serve the people, the people know how to defend and support their leaders.

Romero explained the historic opportunity of serving Bolivia, whose government is carrying out public policies that stand as models for the world, such as the defense of Nature, the Vivir Bien social welfare program, and the acknowledgement of water as a basic service and human right.

“We are building a Plurinational and Independent State amid a structural crisis of capitalism, as part of a new era, and a process of change with no return,” Romero said.

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