Chavez’s forcefulness contrasts with right-wing contradictions

Caracas, 12 Jun. AVN .- In the face of the increasing popularity of president Hugo Chavez as a result of a strong Administration that has been focused to solve people”s problems, the right-wing sector looks disconcerted, full of internal contradictions and spreading deception within opposition sectors, which could stimulate radical and adventurous tendencies.

Such statements were made by the journalist Jose Vicente Rangel at the beginning of his program this Sunday.

He pointed out that the unhappiness spread within the right is due to the lack of articulation on serious policies and the lack of agreements to present a single program for the country or candidates. “Therefore, it would no be a surprise if fraud arguments start to flow or opposing sectors putting in doubt the institutionality and trust in the Electoral National Council (CNE).”

Thus, in Rangel”s opinion, the right is getting ready to sowing intrigue about the electoral process in 2012.

“Some opposition spokespeople, including ex members of the CNE, are making openly, or not, statements with the sole goal of paving the way to then say it was a fraud,” he reiterated.

Rangel underscored that Chavism would have to win by a large margin, otherwise the right-wing will not accept the results.

He emphasized that taking part in an electoral process implies the commitment to respect the results; “nevertheless, if you play with a marked card deck, or you do not play fair, it could just end in violence.”


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