Bolivarian people show its support, commitment to president Hugo Chavez

Caracas, 12 Jun. AVN .- Hundreds of people have gathered in the Bolivar square, in Caracas, to show their support and commitment to the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, who had to undergo a medical surgery on Friday in Cuba, during a work visit, due to a pelvic abscess.

Maria Consuelo de Gomez, one of the attendants, said that the people is giving all the support to the president, because “thanks to him Venezuelan women and many women in the world have achieved their emancipation, independence and respect.”

“The greatest achievement of president Chavez has been the emancipation of women, because now we have laws that have emancipated us,” she underscored.

Maria Palma, also attending the event, highlighted that “the people are with president Chavez and they will always be on his side, because he has awaken the people, the poor people, indigenous, from Latin America and the world. For such reason the imperialism has an eye on him.”

“I just want to tell the President to keep fighting, to have faith in God that he will be victorious as usual,” she added.

Likewise, Eduardo Piñate, member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), said that such display made by the people in Caracas this Sunday “is a living expression of the joy and love that the people feel for the commander. For such reason, we want to tell him from here that we will continue with your fight against the imperialism and keep on, keeping on Commander.”

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