Working Children Decrease in El Salvador

San Salvador, June 11 (Prensa Latina) The Multipurpose Household Survey 2010 found a decrease of 6.3 percent in the number of children and adolescents working in El Salvador, according to reports released Saturday.

The Directorate General of Statistics and Census released the results of the study, which revealed that 177,000 children performed some work during 2010.

This figure represents a decrease of 11.814 in relation to 2009, according to the institution.

The survey found that cutting sugar cane, fishing, searching landfills and commercial sexual exploitation, remain some of the worst forms of child labor in El Salvador.

The Finance Minister Hector Dada Hirezi, said the survey results allow the government to monitor and evaluate public policies that seek to eradicate the worst forms of child labor.

According to research, 51.3 percent of children work in agricultural activities, a 27 in trade, hotels and restaurants, 10.5, in industry, and 3.1 in domestic service.

A 60.9 percent work on family farms and are not paid, while a 21.7 are temporary employees, and 6.7 permanent.Ω

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