Southern African Forum Debates Integration

Lubango, Huila, (Prensa Latina) Representatives of member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) conclude their meeting on Friday about the creation of a SADC regional parliament, crucial to achieve integration in the region.

The forum will end with a final declaration on this and other issues discussed here since Monday at the Hotel Serra da Chela.

The president of the SADC Parliamentary Forum, Zimbabwe National Assembly president Lovemore Moyo, said the regional parliament would “increase the value of the current process of integration in the area.”

The regional parliament, which has yet to be approved at the SADC heads of state and government summit to be held in August in Angola, also would boost good governance, transparency and gender equality in member states, he said.

The new regional body is a key step to bringing forward the implementation of protocols and decisions adopted by the SADC for improving their peoples’ lives, he added.Ω

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