Reduction of Basic Food Basket Prices in Costa Rica

San Jose, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) The cost of the Basic Food Basket in Costa Rica fell almost three percent in the first five months of the year, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) reported.

Last January the monthly cost of first necessity foods per person was about 40.266 colons (79 dollars) and in May it reached 39.136 colons (76 dollars) a reduction of almost three percent.

At the same time it informed that the basic basket contains 52 food products for the urban region and 44 in the rural region.

INEC further reports that the fall in cost of some products is due to a fall in the prices of pork, roots and some vegetables, fruits and eggs.

The information gathered by the Institute adds that the prices of root food fell 32 percent between January to May, vegetables 31 percent and pork 13 percent.

These reduction mostly benefit homes with less incomes and could favor the next measurement of poverty, the document informs.Ω

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