LatAm Union of News Agencies for a Stronger Regional Voice

Montevideo, (Prensa Latina) The Latin American Union of News Agencies (ULAN) will help promote a much stronger voice for the region, according to its president, Sergio Fernandez Novoa.

Addressing the group’s Communication Secretariat, Novoa said that in recent years, coverage of Latin America had been done by affiliates of European and U.S. news organizations.

“We think we have the right and the need to report on the events from our own perspective,” Novoa affirmed.

Referring to the institution’s future steps, he said the board of directors would hold a meeting on June 28 in Quito, and the first workshop for ULAN journalists would take place on June 26 in Havana.

In October 2010, Argentina organized the 3rd World Congress of News Agencies, where a protocol of intent was signed to create a regional group, now known as ULAN, he noted.

The institution was drawn up in the framework of the first general assembly held June 2-3 in Caracas.

The ULAN comprises public news organizations from nine countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

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