Human Rights: 30 years of FEDEFAM and 35 of the coup in Argentina.

By Rogelio Diaz


End the month of March 2011 and our world is shaken in major events and major consequences for all those who populate the natural disaster which affected Japan, earthquake, tsunami and simultaneous destruction and loss of control of several central nuclear pollute the environment and beyond its borders. One of the imperialist countries is entering a very strong crisis since the human, ecological, economic and social development.

In the Middle East and North Africa, Arab and predominantly Muslim countries, are fired in a domino effect that starts in Tunisia and now has gone through Bahareim, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, the people rise up against oppressive governments allied to imperialism in all their bourgeoisie are discussed with U.S. and European aid in a rapid turnover to prevent the development of revolutionary processes in Algeria, Syria and Libya, the imperialist firefighting, change water for gas and spray the prairie of these countries destabilizing task in trying to overthrow their governments, the Libyan case is of particular concern, is the only country that was attacked by NATO forces from France, U.S., on the legalization of the UN, with abstention of which could veto and stop the aggression, Russia and China did not. (accomplices at the end of this imperial war.)

In Latin America, two presidents, two ideologies, two projects of life and society, go on tour very precise and targeted, but with rather dissimilar results., Obama was to meet Brazil, Chile, Colombia and El Salvador . In the first two countries made significant grassroots protests. Nothing new in any of them succeeded, beyond communion with the Pinochet Sebastián Piñera and the common praises of an FTAA that died in combat against the Bolivarian ALBA, and a very painful detail in El Salvador, when the president offered his Funes carpet to remind the Archbishop Arnulfo Romero, a victim of the murderous bullets of the Salvadoran right and the government of Ronald Reagan, and Obama Funes, a traitor and a leader of the empire.

While the Nobel Peace returned to his country, President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias of Venezuela, began his tour of Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia, signed economic cooperation agreements, promoting and practicing fair trade for the ALBA, aupando Telesur, UNASUR, filled with people on the streets and at universities, received him with affection, respect and very attentive to their speeches, say they pay attention to “the lines of Chavez.”

While in Venezuela and the world, right repudiated the Rodolfo Walsh Prize that he gave the University of La Plata, the continental leader put the record straight on the attack on Libya and the role of world imperialism in its war of scorched earth for oil, as is demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan and continued efforts against Iran.

1 – TREE

In the forest, in this context, 30 years after the creation of FEDEFAM (Latin American Federation of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees) in January 1981 in Costa Rica and 35 years of the last military coup in Argentina on March 24, 1976, we reviewing our trees with a flyover of a bird that now passes through the plane of the defense of human rights. We must take stock, we have to adjust nuts, seeking truth and justice, one would say “almost anything” right? And I forgot …! Rescue the historical memory!!


Say a few words about America’s Midget, the tragedy of the revolutionary war years of the sacrifice of a heroic people, the betrayal of many of their “commanders”, who are now agents of “conflict resolution” as Joaquín Villalobos, the signing of the Peace Accords, which allowed the return of “democracy” through elections enthroned on the right (the FMLN never won an election until they had a right candidate Funes as its current president.) In truth hurts to say that the loss was very large, of such size that President Obama was greeted by Mr. Mauricio Funes and paid their “tribute” to Monsignor Romero, which failed to do in Chile, (to pay tribute to Salvador Allende.).

Outraged to see that the Association for search for Children Missing in conducting a meeting and celebration of what is called THE MISSING CHILDREN’S DAY March 29, “demand” that the armed forces to apologize, if you ask for forgiveness as did President Funes on behalf of the government last year, Ms. Reina del Carmen Guerra (missing child, appeared today) argues “that this, solves part of the moral conflict …”

This association is chaired by the wife of Mr. President, which created a National Commission to Search for Disappeared Children., Where he recorded 881 missing children were recovered of which 363.

Draw a conclusion is a big commitment, and the trial and punishment of the murderers “? . It comes to solving one part of a moral conflict “? Or is the search for truth and justice??

A reduced so little product of a peace agreement. Today, the Salvadoran state is a token of the U.S., along with Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, while Nicaragua , of Alba, also signed a peace accord, Sandinista regained power, with its president, Daniel Ortega and blocked imperial order to defeat the Sandinistas or get his surrender, as if the FMLN won the death of its leader’s revolutionary Schafic Handal on Jan. 24, 2006.


American Court of Human Rights (CDIH), has just issued a substantive ruling against the state of Guatemala to investigate, prosecute and punish Jorge. P. Rivera, Otto Pérez Molina y al Mayor Luis Gomes Guillermo., quienes capturaron el 12-3-92 a Efraín Bamaga Velázquez (comandante guerrillero de la ORPA) al que torturaron durante dos años en centros clandestinos de detención(ccd) en Santa Ana, Berlin, San Marcos and “THE ISLAND” Ephraim is part of the 48,000 missing in Guatemala.

These days President Alvaro Colon, deals with a “divorce” his wife, Sandra Torres, who will allow her to run for president without violating the constitution and fight for reform, all remain in the family (if your Opponents permitting).

The cessation of the war, the peace agreement meant to bury the justice for the genocide??


Our beloved Chile, which tried the peaceful road to build socialism, the people who submitted the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet after the coup against the government of Salvador Allende and his assassination in La Moneda, 11 September 1973 Chile, which resisted the persecutions, prisons, disappearances, exiles, … and that was exposed to the harshest measures of neoliberalism, the Chicago Boys and Free Trade Agreements. The same people who were trapped in the betrayal of the Socialist Party (PS the once glorious Allende) watched in amazement as almost innocent and were concluded in the “CONCILIATION” who came to gather all the bourgeois social democrat, Christian Democrats and their derivatives, to continuation of the neoliberal imperial plan, passed the presidential baton of Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos of this to end in concert with Ms. Michelle Bachelet and these billionaire Pinochet, Mr. Sebastián Piñera, who these days held its business more round with Mr. Obama.


This recent March 29 was the day the young combatant in memory of the brothers Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo abducted by the police and then beheaded the same day of 1985. The demonstrations and were met with many prisoners.

The former heads of DINA, Gen. Manuel Contreras and Brigadier Pedro Espinaza who were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of General Carlos Prats and his wife Sofia Cuthbert on September 30. 1994 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) receive rebates of his sentence on 18 July 2010 20 YEARS + 1 DAY.

The couple’s children Prats therefore sue those convicted and the Chilean government for 15 million dollars.

Lorena Pizarro (president of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared-Chile) claims that the former genocidal Odlanier General Mena was director of Pinochet’s secret police from 1973 to 1990 has been beneficial as a common criminal with the “FREEDOM SUNDAY” , was sentenced in January 2009 for killing three militants, the impoverished term of 6 years in prison, makes a mockery of the dignity of peoples, after enjoying privileged prison conditions, would you give the Sunday off to attend a “mass”?

Meanwhile, the Mapuche people walking through the catacombs of the dispossession of their lands and their rights, and when prisoners receive no other benefit than the absolute ignorance and forgetfulness of the Chilean government, they become invisible as Garabombo that it acquired the strange disease become invisible whenever farmers protesting for their rights in Peru. weird disease that is cured by more riots and resistance as the Mapuche who live in southern Chile and Argentina



Brother Juan Gelman, dear poet, your best poem, at least for my taste, which has been typed in the search for your son, daughter and granddaughter missing since his abduction in Buenos Aires in August 1976 at the hands of a GT (Task Force), tortured in the CCD Orletti Automotive (clandestine detention center seat of the Condor).

Marcelo Gelman was 21 years, Maria Claudia Garcia Iruretagoyena 19, and Macarena Gelman just 7 months in the womb of his mother …

Poet, who found the remains of your son in 89, and your granddaughter Macarena alive in 2000, wrote these lines for 23 years and is now in your hand looking for Maria Claudia.

In the news … .. the Commission …. Sanctioned the Uruguayan state to sustain the validity of the amnesty law that prevents the punishment of crimes from 1973 to 1985 (which is equal to the entire period from military to civilian coup back of representative democracy)

They spent 4 governments, two right and two of the four FA and, in very clear agreement prevented the repeal of this law, nor Vázquez nor the current President Jose “Pepe” Mujica played it by memory, truth and justice.

From October 2010 the initiative to repeal the amnesty law was locked for three Frente, now two of them agreed to accept, and so in a month Congress “may” rescind the law.

Imperialism and the American right, we should remember, always recommended Tabaré Socialism and Bachelet as opposed to Socialism of Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador. President Mujica placed in the trunk of his past memories Tupamaro, frame distance with the new wave of XXI century socialism and Chavez continued the paper pulp factory Botnia on the Uruguay river shared with Argentina and was elected president but the same number of votes that “work” to win the nomination, was not I come to the polls to decide if the law of forfeiture is removed or not. Why?

Stay and the feeling that the Uruguayan people had elected José Mujica, and denied the possibility of recovering the historical memory, try and do justice to the genocidal murderers, is an element in the debate, I think the momentum is not the Frente Amplio vote to repeal the law, which would be consistent with its refusal to repeal by Congress.

Recall that the vote was added for the trip to Uruguay in eastern exiles in Venezuela, who filled aircraft bound for his country to give the first win the Broad Front and Tabaré, is recorded in history, a situation that became repeated in the elections where he won Mujica …. Uruguayan exiles did not return to travel, mostly assimilated and conquered and Chavista Bolivarian thought, felt and perceived differences in the Frente Amplio was not much left of the years 60 -70.

Elena Quinteros not forget you. , Present!


A – “It is forbidden to the public authority, whether civilian or military, even in a state of emergency or security restriction, practice, permit or tolerate the forced disappearance of persons …”

B-“Everyone has the right to respect for their physical, mental and moral, accordingly;

1 “No person may be subjected to punishment, torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Any victim of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or tolerated by State agents, are entitled to rehabilitation … “

The above are partial transcript and corresponds to articles 45 and 46 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of Title III, of human rights and guarantees and duties. Chapter III-civil rights. According to Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 5453 of March 24, 2000.

Now 11 years of revolution and the Bolivarian Government, have taken the first steps to building a new society, socialist society, and experience spreads despite the media siege around the continent and the world, the president and leader of this process promotes the ideals of Simon Bolivar, who seeks the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean in one Patria Grande, which can successfully confront imperialist aggression.

A new way of looking at life, society and the world, and what our responsibility if we wanted to say that the defense of human rights in Venezuela is a constitutional issue, let’s see recent important information:

In the Standing Committee on Domestic Policy, Justice, Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees of the National Assembly deputy presiding Tulio Jiménez were presented two bills, namely:

1-Law against silence and forgetting the victims of repression in 1959 and the 60, 70, 80 and 90.

2 – Organic Law for the classification and declassification of documents on military and police files.

That is, investigate eight consecutive governments of AD and Copey (Social Democrats and Christian Democrats) who ruled the country in what is known as the Fourth Republic or The Pact of Punto Fijo.

Monica Venegas, widow of Andrew Pasquier (closed in 1966) president of the Association Against Silence and Oblivion has a list of 1,300 (killed, missing or killed in combat) and he says in public statements with Paul del Rio, former guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned and is currently a member of the Foundation Captain Manuel Rodríguez Ponte.

Both are presenting these laws and ask the National Assembly that discussed and approved. It is a cry of the victims and their families (who are still living), social movements, political organizations and people in general.




24 March (1976-2011)

1-act “unofficial” in the historic Plaza de Mayo

“We asked Cristina declassify the missing files … …” and echoed the words of Estela Carlotto member of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in a massive act and concentration of hundreds of thousands of Argentines who responded massively to this great march of the Day MEMORY, organized by Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (founder line), the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared, CHILDREN, along with many political organizations, Human Rights and Social Movements in Argentina.

The slogans and chants from the crowd, put political line strength and activity, which resonated most were OHH, OHH, YO SOY ARGENTINO … …. … OHHH OHH! I AM A SOLDIER OF THE PENGUIN.

Note (Penguin relates to the nickname of appreciation from former President Nestor Kirchner and his physical appearance and sharp nose)



The organization meeting Memory, Truth and Justice (EMVJ) claims to have mobilized some 20,000 people behind the banner of “impunity and repression WITH NO HUMAN RIGHTS.”

“We all jail and genocide, restoration of appropriate youth, opening all files from the dictatorship, and a live appearance of Julio Lopez and the invalidity of pardons”

This is a brief summary of one of the acts performed in the city of Buenos Aires, where a predominance of the political criticism of the Kirchner government (also called K government) who lived one of the most emotional moments to reach the flag disappeared, which has a large size and the images of them all, the holding among others: Estela Carlotto, Taty Almeida, Nora Curtis, Judith Said (Sec. government HR), Haydee García Buela, Carmen Lapacó, Fatima Cabrera ( Patrick Rice’s widow) and many other prominent activists for this cause.

Giant inflatable figures of “The Eternauta” and the face of the late Nestor Kirchner, were placed in strategic locations in the Avenida 9 de Julio.


With the slogan “THE BLOOD OF OUR CHILDREN BECOME SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, HOMES AND WORK FOR ALL” the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo which is very combative president Hebe de Bonafini was carried out this act in the premises of the Market Central, between participants and speakers were well Hebe, Amado Boudou (finance minister) Guillermo Moreno ( trade), Debora Giorgi Moreno (Minister of Industry) and the candidate for mayor of the town of La Matanza ” Ricardo Bruzzese.

Outlined Argentine journalists was an act unusual for the place, and public speakers (workers of the neighborhoods that Mothers are building and residents of La Matanza.,) The climate was cooling and there was no room for traditional and noisy batucadas for the Peronist march despite attempts by some to sing, and who died in the first stanzas.

The slogans were.



These chants alluding to the coming presidential elections and counterrevolutionary, fascist activity of Grupo Clarin, whose owner, Mrs. Ernest Noble has two children missing appropriate detained mothers and their adopted children under the false identity of Marcela and Noble Felipe Herrera.

The political content of course marked the speakers, Moreno expressed that “the dictatorship was the objective of establishing a model with more and less came to the 2003” …. Boudou said, if Cristina is not president. In two years we are going to send back as they did with the Government of the Alliance “and finally shot dear Hebe following.,” Make no mistake, please learn to vote, do not go behind the facade mayors today are “K” and turning tomorrow. “

“We want to build houses, hospitals, schools. We want all children to be happy, WE CARE A CHILD IS MORE THAN HAPPY TO PUT AN INMATE soldiers. That’s what we’re saying. “

Well, no doubt that this act is what they call a good deed proselytizing and electoral official … absolutely lawful but reprehensible, when the political and ideological in abject poverty is to shift the historical content of Memorial Day, the opening sentence Hebe is frankly lapidary and sometime hopefully understand that we are fighting in these years, I never prefer to leave a milico released, and continue as before, fighting for a regime change, against capitalism and for socialism, to fill the streets of so cute and happy children, consider to be healthy, eat well and have decent housing. A new world is possible, but in a new society, socialist society.


The town of Rosario was mobilized en masse, the presence of his youth was dominant and approximate number of 30,000 souls, filled 25 blocks of the city center of Rosario, who paused for a moment in front of the Cathedral to yell at the episcopal curia, “YOU SILENT WHEN THE LEADING “

The call was extensive and uniform, mothers, grandmothers, relatives of the Disappeared and former political prisoner groups and many social, political, cultural.

In act two documents were presented to these guidelines:

1 – Family vindicate human rights policy of the Government which prosecutes genocide as state policy. Stating “it is indisputable that since 2003 the government of Nestor Kirchner and later with the government of Cristina Fernandez, the search for MEMORY, TRUTH AND JUSTICE acquired the status of state policy by providing essential and specific conditions to advance central issue in the process of consolidating and deepening democracy in Argentina “…

2 – The group of clusters and Social Policy, calls for speed in the pending lawsuits in the region, as well as justice for Silvia Suppo and appearance of Julio Lopez.

Note: Sylvia was murdered and disappeared again in July, both are important witnesses in trials against genocide.

Being the province of Santa Fe and Rosario at the moment a territory ruled by members of the Socialist Party (PS) social orientation, also marched in the audience of politicians in election campaigns as the head of the bed “K” in the Lower House, Agustín Rossi, the Socialist Senator Ruben Justiniani, the candidate of the PS to the Mayor of Rosario, Monica Fein and the current mayor, Miguel Lifschitz.

The electoral battle and hunting of voters made their formal appearance in the Memorial Day.



856 defendants in lawsuits

169 were already convicted of genocide

16 were acquitted.

450 died, are fugitives or were found to lack merit.

90% of these crime against humanity have not yet been touched by anyone.

500 children, the son of the disappeared, were appropriated by the genocide.

102 recovered their identities and many are active in the organization HIJOS

2 prefer not to know the truth and sabotage to justice to keep the legacy of “Bugler”

30,000 disappeared.


As the history of mankind is the history of the struggle of social classes in the same context, the objective reality also develops day by day this very rough fight and themes are expressed in practice, which of course are debated and require stringent policy positions.

I will mention a very controversial topic:

In the city of Rosario is carried out the trial of the repressors in the CAUSE Diaz Bessone (ALSO KNOWN AS THE CAUSE FECED).

This trial has accused namely 6, Diaz Bessone (former army commander), Ruben Lofiego, Mario Marchetto, Ramón Vergara, José Scorchetini (all former police officers) and Ricardo Chomicky (missing prisoner and tortured along with other trial).

If this last detail called wonder, well, get ready, all are free and moving through the streets of the city, side by side with many of his victims living in Rosario. And only an inmate Bessone. This case is referred to the CCD (clandestine detention center) Service Information (SI) former Police Headquarters of Rosario, where 1,800 detainees suffered torture, 91 victims and 17 remain missing.

Ricardo “Cady” and her partner Chomicky Nilda “The Polish” Folch that made up the UES (Union of Secondary Students) were kidnapped, tortured and soon passed to the other “side” for their own comrades in the most cruel treatment in interrogation through torture, years later were released, changed their identities and their facial appearance, Nilda is currently a fugitive.

Chomicky became a center of controversy between the organizations of relatives, members of the prosecution and public opinion. Among those demanding his trial and conviction and those who seek to exonerate the trial, arguing that “WHO GET VICTIM TO A Clandestine Detention Center SALE IN THE SAME CONDITION” and is the position of the prosecution and the organization HIJOS in Rosario.

I bear witness to this situation, when on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 I submitted to the doors of the Federal Court No. 2 on the Boulevard Orono, with the cold atrocious Argentine winter calándome bones and talking with comrades who make it stand on the street while in the case being heard, asked why there were so few people, sadly, I was told that the case had divided Chomicky groups and those who did not agree with his trial did not provide support on the street.

Ideological and political motives are involved in this and other controversial dotting the hard way to defending human rights in Argentina.

Miles entered victims and thousands died in the same tortured, shot, or thrown into the Rio de la Plata in the death flights, not reported to their peers, not betrayed and became our heroes, many others endured imprisonment and exile without giving anyone and resisting the dictatorship …. so is the case of the genocidal labeled as “recovered”, who worked on situational tasks of tables of different specialties to advise the dictatorship, it was demonstrated that passed by the CCD, School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA) managed by Admiral Emilio Massera, the situation room called “The Fishbowl” by their glass cubicles, gather intelligence, its members came from Montoneros were informers helped the capture of their comrades, or contributed to them falling into the ambush, others went abroad to locate the exiles, to obtain information from them and human rights organizations in Europe (see: Paris Pilot center), so if Lisandro Raul Cubas in the “fishbowl” work as a journalist and conducted an interview with the head coach of the Argentina team for the World of 78 looking to praise Cesar Luis Menotti dictatorship, not objective achievement., years later he was “released “in Venezuela, Caracas peers in the rest of exile hiding their origins, which allowed him to attend meetings of the exiles and family.

A reverse case came when Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri in charge of the CCD “Quinta de Funes” in the outskirts of Rosario, he formed a group, mostly to act Montoneros tasks similar to those that Massera ahead in the “bowl” of ESMA and early January a group of 78 intelligence sent to Mexico to infiltrate the headquarters of the exiled and settled there montoneros their leaders, Valenzuela, who had a high rank in his organization, deception Galtieri, and alerted her saving their life partners,

The Mexican government deported the police and army officers who came to Argentina … … in retaliation Valenzuela, relatives of prisoners clandestinely in the Quinta de Funes, his wife and son were missing.

The “leaders” Tulio Valenzuela montoneros prosecuted for “treason” and collaboration (?) With the enemy and stripped of his rank, Tulio sneak back to Argentina as evidence of loyalty and was soon discovered and killed.

Well, this is a particle of what is known and what needs to know and without straying from the topic insist that the Argentine case deserves close attention, because the plan of annihilation in the contra war was the war of bourgeois power, the system capitalist who needed a scorched earth, social and trade union resistance zero, to step forward with the major imperialist monopoly interests, cheap labor, the borrowing plan the Minister Martinez de Hoz (IMF tab and David Rockefeller) and the most disgusting looting the riches of Argentina.

30,000 has disappeared before and after that the political currents in some way linked to Peronism original multiclass not even want to mention, and in any case keep ominous silence, conceal or distort the truth to the younger generation in its historical ignorance flying flags of a Peronist who sincerely believe in all youth as eager for justice and change.


The last government of Gen. Juan Peron in 1974, his return from “exile” in Spain, with his new wife Isabel Martínez (Isabelita) and his secretary, López Rega (The Witch) stoned the gates of this hell, Peron, who always was ambiguous enough to handle a range from the extreme right to left-wing guerrillas, spray it the “Theory of the Fence” that some opportunistic invented to support the figure of a progressive president, but surrounded by an entourage of inept and reactionary out of control Gen. under popular pressure in the Plaza de Mayo, took off his mask, confronted by the revolutionary forces, he reproached be “a beardless” and fought with the 3 AAA, who were the parents of future task forces Videla dictatorship.

Revolutionary Peronist organizations, the class and the militant left, and every living creature was in the profession that was and all religions, emphasizing those of Jewish origin, were killed, the hostages would wake mutilated or blown up in the city ​​streets, had begun the campaign of terror, Peron died, Isabel and Lopez Rega, became a military accelerator, the big bourgeoisie, the financial oligarchy, agricultural, and industrial country stepped thoroughly so that were violently cliff.

They wanted to burn that government in the popular rejection, in order that the “Peronism” fell into disrepute in the most popular sectors and workers (the fundamental social basis).

The package “Rodrigazo” and the brutal currency devaluation is the policy of shock, put the final nail.

The PCA (Communist Party of Argentina) said that the coup was coming and that General Videla was a “progressive milico” the people did not lift a finger when on the morning of March 24, 1976 the tanks were parked on corners of the country’s cities. The oppressed people, respite, innocent of what was coming.


76 to 82 the military dictatorship had been worn out in those 6 years to unbearable limits, imperialism had decided that the task was accomplished and in their backyard and that they should give way to a new era of domination by means “more democratic” hence came the changes … … as the end of military dictatorships and the return of the “civilians” to power. With this and the FTAA would be a walk around.

Nobody had the madness of Gen. Fortunato Galtieri and delusions of some armed forces for any reason you wanted to get away from the political and economic power.

So it dawned on April 2, 1982 with the Argentine troops landed on the Falkland Islands, the town was filled with “illusion nation and nationalism” and feathering of the hand with their oppressors, the Plaza de Mayo was filled with masses and blue and white flags and opened his arms Fortunato “drunken” glory to the people who cheered, was believed to Perón and delight of this step as “cunning.”

On 14 June the same year, 42 days after accepting defeat and the dictatorship began a rapid withdrawal, almost in disarray, the U.S. was always supporting England … IMPERIALISM NOT ENDORSE OR STUPID OR LOSERS. (Unless they are whites, white and Protestant).


And it came time for the great festival of democracy, neoliberal, 1 Raul Alfonsin, then Carlos Menen twice, and again on Radicalism Argentina began to Fernando De La Rua at the Casa Rosada, until he took over the rooftops by helicopter ( As Isabel Peron) … it was December 2001, 28 deaths generated the repression of popular protests that have mobilized to scream !!!!!! THAT Fencing

“Argentina had new owners, … its creditors.

“Argentina was broken …. His people also … the oligarchy had increased their wealth.

-Argentina could not president in 10 days spent 5 and left 4. One is … Eduardo Duhalde. Popular resistance grew, and grew the homeless, the unemployed, those without education, without health, nothing. The picketers movement was born to that repressed and murdered.

– Néstor Kirchner, facing presidential elections other “Peronist” form a new organization (The Front for Victory), Carlos Menen, lost, and begins a new situation after 2003, Argentina is declared in default, was not to to pay, creditors fell into despair.

-IN A BUSINESS TAKES THE BEST PART OF THE DEBTOR DELINQUENT IF YOU CAN PUT CONDITIONS TO PAY., Nestor Kirchner and if you knew it first said it would not pay, then loosened a bit and asked “Who wants to trade old debt for a new 25% of its value’?… Usurers, FINANCIAL entered into a nervous breakdown, the IMF threatened and turned, did not give a dime, the government pushed to the edge of insult.

Duhalde required to repress the protesters, Nestor said no, to be negotiated, achieved divide, capturing the most accessible, it did. The defense policy of human rights took a positive turn and became state policy.

Began trials and convictions of the genocidal and repressive, going a long way towards truth and justice and an underground confrontation with the U.S., which is very annoying since the shooting of the FTAA in Mar del Plata, where the trio, Lula Chavez and Nestor routed to George Bush and “his puppy of the empire” the Canadian Minister and Mexican President Vicente Fox

Argentina received good support from the Bolivarian Venezuela, who helped Argentina placing debt in the financial market and banking Venezuelan diesel sent in times of internal conflict that caused refiners multinational fuel shortages, gave political support to Argentina returned to Venezuela interact with technology transfer, food supply, conventions and bilateral agreements of mutual convenience … Not ALBA nor the TCP (Treaty of Commerce of the People), but links are being established.

In this controversy, it is important to put things exactly in place, The Baldwin who now heads the President Cristina Fernandez is writing his own score, not the revolutionary Peronism Evita Peron, nor that of the fascist-dualistic Menem, has its own seal. Sometimes innovation is what irritates the most rancid oligarchy that faced with strikes and lock-outs, as the landowners and farmers, which debuted last year as picketing. “

In the newspaper Pagina 12, we find an article published 03/23/1911 with the headline “The Price of Freedom” by Andrew Asiain of CEMOP-MADRES DE PLAZA DE MAYO.

I selected this part …. “Since 2003 a strategic economic policy of debt reduction was as a means of obtaining greater economic independence …

… The internal power of international financial organizations was disarmed by paying a dollar on U.S. dollar immoral and illegitimate debt but can we condemn the slave to pay his former master to live in freedom?

In my land to nonsense of this caliber is said: WHY IS THAT AS WE ARE …

Open debate, but, as discovered Mr. Winston, a character in the novel 1984, that two plus two is four and never will be either three or five as claimed by Mr. Asiain, who wants to ideologically confused with “purchasing” of freedom, is understandable if Mr. all used to “buy” (everything is good), even paying illegal and illegitimate debts.

Dominated only his mentality can handle these arguments, the arguments of his dominion, as Hebe Bonafini words … “I prefer a happy child before a prisoner milico” …

The struggle for a new world is a long, very long process, is dialectical, paved with errors and inventions.

In fairness to the truth, in Argentina the movement to defend human rights, particularly that of the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo were and are still a vanguard of political struggle against dictatorship, against the bourgeoisie and the oligarchy , toured an extraordinary experience, courageous, tenacious, and the best members we have met, were abducted and disappeared by this, some other movement, trade union or political party in Argentina society can say the same thing?

Proud, are exemplary political activists, are driving a driving force of public opinion who envy the political opportunists, so they resort to lying to see if giving a hug or something they were “stuck.”

The Baldwin did this? … Or, rather, are impregnated in the demand for memory, trial and punishment.

Prosecute the dictatorship, put prisoners to the soldiers, is to build anymore, and had not only Kirchnerism common sense, but the certain political vision that to govern, the forces of repression and genocide should be excluded from politics Argentina marginalized as trash., If the defeat in the Malvinas them out of La Casa Rosada, A STATE POLICY AGAINST IMPUNITY away much of the return.

WORLD WEEK Disappeared


Wherever we are, the last week of May is a period of time to make a continental and global task together, in unison, with the burden we love and those who are not already physically with us, liberating raise their flags, paint the walls, informed to new generations, contémosle this story, sing, recite poems, show your pictures, and continue this fight every day, the history of humanity, that of class struggle … until they are those that disappear.

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