Tourism Fair a Success, Say Cuban Authorities

Havana, Jun 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuban authorities described as successful the results of the recently concluded International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2011, mainly in the fields of business and destination potentials.

According to official figures released in a communiqué of the Tourism Ministry, at least 1,500 people from 45 countries visited the venue of the fair at the Morro-Cabana historic-military park.

The event, held on May 2-7, was dedicated to Havana as a destination, to Mexico as Guest of Honor and to the multi-destination form of travel.

The official delegation of Mexico was led by Tourism Minister Gloria Guevara.

Participants also included Tourism ministers of Venezuela and Nicaragua, and high-ranking officials from Ecuador.

Also attending were the representative for the Americas of the World Tourism Organization Carlos Vogeler and a delegation of high-ranking officials from Curacao.

The source added that FITCuba was covered by more than 90 journalists from 25 countries, representing 85 media outlets, mainly those specializing in tourism.

A highlight of the event was the new Guinness World Record for the longest cigar, the work of Cuban cigar maker Jose Castelar Cueto, from the Caracol retail store chain.

The next FITCuba, to be held at Santa Maria Cay, Villa Clara, in central Cuba, on May 8-11, 2012, will be dedicated to family tourism and Argentina as guest of honor, MINTUR announced at the end of the recently concluded fair.


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