Algodones del Orinoco has processed 633 tons of fiber in just 60 days

Caracas, 02 Jun. AVN .- The socialist company Algodones del Orinoco, which is still in a trial period, has processed in just 60 days 633 tons of cotton fiber, informed this Thursday the vice-president of Venezuela Elias Jaua.

Jaua and the Agriculture and Lands minister Juan Carlos Loyo carried out a technical inspection to the cotton company, located in Guarico state (Venezuela”s center).

The Vice-President recalled that the Bolivarian Government allocated $23.26 million for the development of said plant.

He added that this agroindustrial socialist complex is part of the National Project Simon Bolivar, with respect to “policies aimed at increasing the economic and productive development of the country, by fostering the agriculture, industry, agroindustry, small and medium clothing industries.”

Jaua informed that during the trial period 75 jobs have been created and about 700 tons of raw cotton are kept in storages.

He underscored that the goal of the revolutionary Government in this sense is “to recover the cotton potential the country had before the terrible Fourth Republic [1958-1998] and neoliberal governments. We were able to sow over 100,000 hectares of cotton, but that figure fell almost to zero.”

50,000 hectares in 2012

The Vice-President reiterated that the plant only has 60 days of trial period and its machinery and productive capacity is being adjusted, so in 2012, the socialist company can fully produce.

He pointed out that once the company is fully operative, the first goal will be to increase the number of hectares sowed up to 50,000, which would implied the creation of 30,000 new jobs in agriculture.

“This sector could generate a significant economic development and productive employment for the country. This is the socialism based on the value of work of our men and women (…) we proudly see the effort of our job, the potential of our land,” he said.

The best cotton in the world

The Vice-President assured that the best cotton fibers in the world can be sowed in Venezuelan lands, because in average they can produce medium and long fibers.

The Executive branch is constantly doing technological efforts to increase the performance of this cotton company.

“This is just the first stage, the cotton dismantling section, with 50,000 tons of dismantling capacity, which is transformed into 13,000 tons of fiber and 20,000 tons of seeds for the reseeding of cotton,” he explained.

The second stage, cotton treatment and refining, is currently under construction.

Jaua explained that the second stage will be used to bring the product to the next stage: textile. “Spinning mill, weaving, tailoring and even for the production of cotton oil.”

Cotton oil, balanced food

Jaua pointed out that Algodones del Orinoco will become one of main cotton fiber suppliers for the domestic textile industry. Likewise, it will produce cotton oil and balanced food for the livestock, porcine and poultry sectors.

“When this agroindustrial complex if fully operative, it will be able to produce 2,800 tons of cotton oil and 20,000 tons of balanced food,” he informed.

“We take the seeds from the cotton for the reseed, the fiber for textiles, oil and balanced food to increase the cattle, pigs and poultry production in the country,” he added.


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