Venezuela ranks third among countries with lowest smoking rates

Caracas, 31 May. AVN .- About 76 percent of the Venezuelan population have been given educational and informative workshops on behalf of the National Government to prevent tobacco consumption, informed Health Minister Eugenia Sader during a press conference this Tuesday.

From the seat of the Health Ministry, Sader expressed that as part of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (abbreviated WHO FCTC), there have been imparted 6,200 workshops in Venezuela since the year 1999 up to now.

A world poll on smoking habit among teenagers showed that Venezuela is not only one of the countries which have evidenced a political will to protect people”s health, but which has also significantly reduced tobacco consumption among the population, said the Minister. In fact, it places third among the countries with lowest smoking rates.

Sader said the statements concerning the fact that this May 31 comes into effect the resolution 030 of Venezuela”s Health Ministry. It stipulates that smoking is banned in indoor areas, such as public offices and working places, including stairs, halls, elevators, restrooms.


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