National Assembly receives Bill on State crimes committed during Fourth Republic

Caracas,  AVN .- The National Assembly will receive this Tuesday, directly from relative and friends of victims of State crimes committed during the political period called the Fourth Republic (1958-1998), a bill that could mark the beginning of legal proceedings to punish disappearances, executions, illegal detentions, aggressions, persecutions, tortures and homicides of people due to their political stance during said period.

This is not just a bill drafted by the Legislator People (bills proposed and drafted by citizens), it will mark the contemporaneous history of Venezuela going over the silence that was sowed on the subject for years.

Said legal instrument would led to the creation of a Truth and Justice Commission, which will be a multi-task organ composed of the Public Ministry, Citizen Power, the National Assembly and the Front of Friends and Relatives of the victims.

The main purpose consists on identifying the masterminds and the perpetrators of the crimes and set up the mechanisms to indemnificate victims who suffered the anger of the right-wing governments of the political parties COPEI and Accion Democratica (AD), mainly against left thoughts.

The people in charge of handing over the document to the National Assembly for its discussion, will make a previous stop at the Public Ministry to hand over a copy to said public organ as well.

According to estimations, the governments of Ad and COPEI are responsible for about 10,000 crimes, including mass murders, executions and disappearances.

The disclosure of documents registering the extermination of entire farmer villages “due to their collaboration with the guerrilla”, among other actions, are included in the law so as to promote the spread of said events in schools and make the new generations know and understand that something like that should not happen in the country ever again.

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