Bolivarian Government bets on changes in national television system

Caracas,  AVN .- The Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) will give an unavoidable shift to the Venezuelan television system. For instance, it will make easier the interaction with the media, said the president of the state-run telephone company Compañia Anonima Nacional de Telefonos de Venezuela (CANTV) Manuel Fernandez.

“The DTT will bring three main benefits to the Venezuelan television system: more quality, an expansion to the offer of public channels and associated services, such as interaction,” Fernandez explained.

On June 6, Venezuela will begin with a trial stage with the support of Japan.

“It will consist on technical tests, so they will be limited,” he stated.

He pointed out that from the beginning of 2011, the Government has been working to assemble the necessary equipments to face this technological challenge and, in his opinion, the implementation of the digital television in Venezuela could be achieved sooner than expected.

“In most of the countries, the transition from analogical to digital television has not been achieved in less than 10 years. We will start with the tests on June 6, and depending on the results, we will plan the next stage,” he pointed out.

With respect to pay television, the president of CANTV said that works continue to offer the service through the Simon Bolivar satellite with the implementation of Direct To Home Television (DHT).

Fernandez said that next week an expanded pilot test of DHT will begin, after systems are verified through a technical test conducted by CANTV.

“Then, for the expanded pilot plan, 3,000 homes in Caracas will be selected. They will receive the service in a trial period. Afterwards, it will begin a commercial pilot plan and then the difinitive service,” he added.

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